Building a Custom Home When You're Not Located in the Area: Everything You Need to Know

Building a Custom Home When You're Not Located in the Area: Everything You Need to Know

  • David Lyne
  • 12/22/20

Building a New Luxury Home Remotely Can Get Complicated. Seven Custom Homes Can Help You Make the Most of the Experience, Even if You Can't Be There in Person.

Building your custom dream home is arguably the pinnacle of homeownership. Not only will you feel the thrill of owning a luxury home, but you’ll also experience the even-more exhilarating prospect of owning a house designed and built exclusively for you. 
But what happens if that new construction occurs when you haven't yet relocated?
Indeed, on its own, building a home is a roller-coaster journey. It's all the more nerve-wracking if you can't be there to witness the experience firsthand.
Thankfully, the team at Seven Custom Homes has thought through the concerns that come with a remote build. 
Whether it's a primary residence you’ll soon enjoy full time or a second retreat you'll return to time and again, here's how Seven Custom Homes help you build a home when you're not located in the area.

Smart Software

Wherever you look, whatever the industry, intelligent software is helping people work smarter and more efficiently. High-end homebuilding is no different. Beyond streamlining processes, software can also bridge the gap between new home construction in one locale and the future occupants currently residing in another.
Seven Custom Homes employs software that allows many tasks to be addressed remotely. Customer documentation, scheduling, change orders, budgeting, and material selection are just a few of the many builder-client interactions that can be resolved remotely.
Beyond improving the remote experience, smart software is also a huge time saver for those who happen to be a little closer to their home project. Show up when you want to, and leave all the tedious items to be done remotely. 

Taking Advantage of Modern Communication Tools

The most critical factor in any luxury home build is communication. And let's face it — when you're making the massive investment that new construction demands, meeting face to face is necessary throughout the project. Of course, meaningful, in-person discussion is no simple feat when cities, states, or time-zones separate builder and client.
That’s why Seven Custom Homes embraces today's communication standards, particularly Zoom, FaceTime, or other video conferencing platforms that a client is comfortable with. It may not fully replace the feeling of being there "in the flesh," but you can bet we'll make every effort to ensure you'll be there in the room or at the job site.

A Virtual Hands-On Experience

You may not be local at the time your home is constructed, but Seven Custom Homes still wants to ensure you get the same design experience that you would if you were just a few minutes away. Products and materials — from the choice of appliances to the particulars of paint, tile, and fixtures — can easily be discussed and vetted via Zoom or FaceTime.
When a genuine hands-on approach is necessary, Seven Custom Homes will gladly ship out product samples and swatches. You’ll know exactly what your options are and what you can look forward to enjoying in your new custom luxury home. 

Regardless if you're looking to remodel an existing space or start fresh on a new home journey, we can help make your dreams a reality. Contact Seven Custom Homes Today, and let's schedule a time to discuss your plans and consult on what the future may hold for you.

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